Hello to our new friends at Bambuser :)

Bambuser lets anyone broadcast live and interactive video from their mobile phone, webcam or DV-camera for free. And they just joined Flattr’s friendly family. Which means that if you post videos on Bambuser then others can flattr your stuff. Or vice versa.

Jonas Vig, the CEO of Bambuser dropped by our office this afternoon to record this short video message (naturally on their own platform) together with Linus from Flattr. 1:26 to explain both services, all you need to know about them to sign up and get recording and flatrring. Easy!

There couldn’t be a better time to launch this co-operation either. The global anti-capitalism and anti-inequality protests have emphasized the growing popularity of live video streaming and Bambuser has been at the heart of this trend. Now the citizen journalists can not just get recognition but also money for their work.

And as Linus said: “Bloggers, podcasters and citizen journalists are one of the largest group of active Flattr users with video on a clear uptrend.” A match made in heaven then.

But rather than me talking about it here’s someone who’s publishing all his content on Bambuser – Björn Falkevik. He got the wind of the coming Flattr integration ahead of launch and recorded a special 5 minute show about it. It features Daniel and something very, very cool – American built Buchla synthesizer from 1975.

Go sign up with Bambuser and start broadcasting (and don’t forget to flattr your favorite video creators).

7 thoughts on “Hello to our new friends at Bambuser :)

  1. Your servers need to be ubiquitous throughout the States for Bambuser to work in the US.

    Video demos kicked and sputtered. :(

  2. @jpeek345 – We’ll pas this on to Jonas, I’m sure he wants to offer the US audience a jitter free and smooth service and if that means getting a few extra servers in the States it should be easy enough. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. yes live stream from flattr office is an awesome idea i whant to spy on linus mohahaha >:D

  4. Glad you liked it guys! :)

    Live streaming from the office is something we probably could do, but not all the time. I definitely see the possibility for us to put up some live interviews or other stuff from events we’re at though!

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