For an international company we surely took our time in hiring the first native English speaker. Peter joined us a few weeks ago in the London office and will shortly get to experience the surströmming (that’s fermented Baltic herring for the uninitiated) in Malmö. Over to the man himself:

My name is Peter Ross and I am the new Community Growth Manager for Flattr.

Community Growth, well what does that mean? Basically I have to encourage more users to sign up to Flattr which means more people to flattring your content!

Before working at Flattr I worked in a variety of online advertising roles from PPC, Copywriting,Social Media and Viral Video Marketing.

Online advertising is great and all except for the nagging feeling that perhaps you aren’t doing anything worthwhile or actually helping to achieve anything real.

So when I saw the job advertised at Flattr which stipulated no ‘corporate assholes’ I jumped at it especially as I was currently working with quite a few assholes of the corporate variety. More importantly I passionately believe in keeping the internet free for everyone yet understand we need a viable payment model for content creators. Flattr solves this problem.

Getting to work for a startup is my dream and I’m really pleased that I can be involved in the project from the start. Although Flattr London’s not directly on the fabled Silicon Roundabout, if I stick my head out of the wondow and angle it slightly, I can just about see it.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Please feel free to get in touch my email address is peter (dot)ross @ flattr(dot)com and my Twitter name is the L33t fantastic @PeterRo55.

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