€10 to music and games – the profile of Fabian Utesch

The focus in our blog has been very much on creators and content rather than those who support others or pay for content online, and what motivates them to give. Time to change that.

I give to everything I like or wish to support. €10 a month is an amount I can comfortably afford. Capture my attention and my click is yours.

This is how Fabian Utesch, a 28 year old German PHD-Student in Traffic Psychology, explained to me how he gives. In addition to working and studying he’s into programming and the hacker community is close to his heart. He’s an active follower of tweeps, blogs, news articles and podcasts. Fortunately for him a lot of the interesting people he follows have Flattr, which makes it easy for him to support them.

A few years ago he tossed out his music archive as a result of music being in such good supply online. With services like Last.fm, Simfy and Libre.fm it’s simple enough for Fabian to get the music he wants, when he wants it, the way he wants it.

My hunger for new music and the love to try new things lead me to Last.fm and recently Simfy, which is a german, not quite so awesome but legal, copy of spotify. I’m a paying subscriber for both services (last.fm 3,- €/month; simfy 10,-€/month) and enjoy them daily and love the flatrate model. I know that artists are getting compensated for streamed tracks, but I also read, that they need about 1 million plays to make a months salary. So this is nice but far from perfect.

This 1,000,000 plays is not easy to achieve for most musicians but getting 4,000 Flattr clicks shouldn’t be that hard and based on his average click value of around 0.30 Euros it should be easily achievable. Fabian’s suggestion is that Last.fm should adopt the Flattr button to make it possible for musicians to earn extra because “some tracks are really great and I would love to Flattr these tracks”.

The best way to get someone to take your money is to give it to them and tell them you why. The flattr a Twitter user feature is great for this.

The last artist he flattred was I:scintilla for their song The Bells:

Fabian doesn’t only love music he’s also a gamer and he’s really into indie games. He says that when it comes to games it can be a bit more tricky to give extra support to the creators than just buying the game. Even if the indie game Aquaria didn’t have Flattr yet, he digged out their Twitter account to flattr them.

Fabian has an interesting take on flat-rates, one feature that he likes about Flattr. “Flat rate donations” he calls it. He refers to the fact that you set a monthly budget for your donations and then split this among the content and creators that you like.

I love flat-rates. Doesn’t matter if it’s for mobile services, internet connection, music streaming or donating. It makes you stop worring that you’ll spend too much. When there were no flat-rates I had to think about it three times before making a long distance call, now I just do it. Same goes for donations.

You’ll find Fabian on Twitter and Flattr.

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