Activity Streams in Flattr API v2

Pelle Wessman, one of our devs, just posted a good summary of some of the additions to our API to his personal blog. A few key quotes:

Our last API became a dead end so we decided to rebuild it from scratch with extendability and maintainability in mind and while doing that we decided to throw in some candy as well – the new API eg. uses the now standard combo of OAuth 2 and Bearer Tokens for authentication and also supports the even more standard JSON as a response format in addition to a few other formats.

One of the additions I think is most interesting though (not only because it was the part I was responsible for) is the support for the Activity Streams standard. Our new API supports exposing “feed”-responses and uses both the original Activity Streams sprinkled Atom-feeds and the newer JSON-based Activity Streams format to do that.

Our new Flattr API exposes two activity types through Activity Stream feeds – the posting of things and the flattring of things. These are found in the “things” and “flattrs” feed subresources on user resources.

Head over to Pelle’s post Activity Streams in Flattr API v2 to read more and see some code examples.

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