5 guys, a camera, a mic = videocast

What do you get when you put 5 guys together into one room, give them a camera and a mic and a few laptops? You get the latest episode of the Rebel Flattr Alliance videocast.

The show features Youtify, Soundcloud, Little Big Details, Vox, Opentracker and Prittorrent.

RFA actually started pretty much a year ago when Linus (our product guy and one of the founders of flattr) and Pontus (the creative brain behind all our visuals) started recording short videocasts highlighting some of the interesting content that can be found on Flattr.

Let’s just say that the first episodes weren’t as smooth, often riddled with network problems, forgotten passwords, Peter throwing chocolate at Linus, some cursing and random “string errors”. Good old amateur fun :)

The show fell into a hiatus after the 5th episode in Spring but a visit by Tim Pritlove (a star podcaster from Germany) to our Malmö office was a good reason to clear the throats, dust off the cameras and power up the mic.

What do you think about the show? Should the guys keep doing it? Change the format? Insert a dance routine perhaps? :)

Here are 2 previous episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to their YouTube channel for future updates.

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