Let’s start with Peter, who was interviewed by the Wired magazine: Q&A: Peter Sunde on how to Flattr content creators. He’ll tell you if the big players are interested in Flattr. Among others.

Sign up

We appeared at several events recently which let many new people get to know Flattr and even to sign up. One of these events was the Oggcamp, where the message of Marie’s presentation spread far and wide, and convinced Paul Mellors to start using it.

A Punkabilly Girl shares her experinece at The Conference, trying out 3D printing, flattring QRs, and after all, listening to great talks: #theconf

On the other hand, AdesBlog find the sign-up process unneccessary, and have some other suggestion to make Flattr better (hmm, just say it out loud, “Flattr better”): Suggestions to Flattr

You can find more newbies on Flattr here.


Next to several new Twitter, Google + and Facebook features Flattr was mentioned on the Blogging Bookshelf blog as one of the 6 Important Recent Developments in Internet Marketing.

Web Comet is a contest that aims to find Swedish projects that made something significant for the improvement of The Internet. Anyone can nominate a project between 1st September – 31st October. I heard about it from Vidde, who quickly nominated Flattr.

We’ll attend the Brighton Mini Maker Faire this Saturday to dive into a bunch of cool stuff from makers and meet many people who are (hopefully) keen to support them. Read about why we think this Faire is a good match to Flattr – meet the sponsor ourself!

The SXSW 2011 Flattr panel and the buskers were quite successful this year, and we would like to attend in 2012 as well. But to do so, we need your love. You can read about our planel plans on the Flattr blog and if you like what you see you can place your vote on the SXSW PanelPicker 2012 site. Hope we can give you some advice (backed by a research) there next year.

Now the farewell bit

While the user base is growing nicely, one more person left the Malmö office lately. Now Christopher’s gone back to school and wrote a moving farewell to the team. Read about what it is was like to work for Flattr: Thank you Flattr, it has been a great summer!

So goodbye to Christopher and welcome to all the new flattrers! We really hope to recruit even more cool makers and supporters on the Maker Faire in Brighton this Saturday. Our message is in the pic above.

Image from Flickr by Leonard John Matthews (CC BY-NC-SA)