In March this year Flattr team went to the SXSW Interactive Festival at Austin, Texas. It was good fun (links to blog posts from that time below), and the panel where we discussed micropayments and Flattr was very well received.

Simply going again to enjoy the discussion and concerts is not enough so we need your help to vote for the panel we proposed: Crowdfunding: can readers pay for your Mini?

Why? Since March we’ve collected great deal of data, tips from top earners on Flattr about how to get fans and followers to support you. On top of that we’re aiming to do some original research at the end of the year to figure out what plays the most important role in how much money a blog makes or can make, how monetization options differ across blog types and what are the best practices for increasing earnings from blogging. Naturally the focus is on crowdfunding.

Linus, who is heading the panel, and the rest of us believe that considering the focus of SXSW, the speakers, festival goers, and the discussions it’s relevant and useful knowledge that we should share and dissect with other panel members.

There’s more at the panel proposal page.

Audience votes count for 30% of the final vote, please head over and give us your click: Crowdfunding: can readers pay for your Mini?

Got any ideas, tips, examples that we could use during the panel? List them in the comments, please.

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