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CC-By DerrickkwaWe’ve been making a few changes around here on the blog, and more are coming. One of the major things we did was shrink down our categories to 4 topics and added extra options for how you want to follow our updates.

The four new categories are as follows:
News contains everything from our product updates to team updates to events we attend and more.

Discover great content in the flattrosphere – blogs, podcasts, musicians, video artists, the list is endless.

Learn contains How to guides, tutorials, case studies – materials that make using Flattr easier, doesn’t matter if you mainly like to donate money or look for ways to make Flattr more successful for your site.

Developer contains useful posts if you’re a developer looking for ways to make your product works with Flattr or want to build something on top of our API.

We’ve set it up so that you can follow each of these feeds separately or all in one feed, to get all the posts you want via Email or RSS. For each category you’ll find the links when browsing them, and for the main blog you can look in the sidebar here below the Facebook widget to start subscribing.

Now you can easily stay up to date with what you’re most interested in when it comes to Flattr!

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3 thoughts on “Subscribe to our new posts via Email or RSS

  1. There is a problem when getting RSS feeds in RSS readers, for example, FeedDemon – I recently receive two blog posts:
    1) the first is just beginning part until words “Continue reading”;
    2) the second is full article.

    Not sure if it is possible but you may try to solve this. Thanks.

  2. Arvis, did you have the feed added before we announced this change?
    There can be some cache issues then.

    Edit: I see it in an old feed I’ve added as well, not sure why it’s doing that. Since it’s a redirect it shouldn’t happen.
    I’ll look into what we might be able to do on this side though.

  3. Arvis, I’m still looking into this problem, and will spend more trying to solve it.

    When I add it in my own reader I don’t get this problem, but for the old feed I already had added I get double as well.
    More digging will be done.

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