FundedByMe – Crowdfunding, now with Flattr

FundedByMe is a site to help you collect money for your project. Their aim is to make it easier to take that step to support something you think is a great idea. That’s why they decided to add the option of Flattr to it.

FundedByMe wish for people to become more engaged and not just consume. Buy a CD, book, DVD or whatever you fancy, while you support a great project. They’ve got a store, where you can search for something you want to buy and at the same time find a project to support.

Supporters of projects are showing that there’s a growing interest for getting more engaged rather than just consuming the final product. The team believe that this is a new start, a change in how we view money.

Daniel Daboczy, co-founder of FundedByMe, told me that they’ve had their eye on Flattr for a long time, but finally when he listened in to Linus session at SSWC it was time to get cracking at integrating it. He was surprised and glad to see how easy it was to get Flattr up and running on their site.
What he really likes about the integration with Flattr is that now people can keep supporting a project when the fundraising period has ended.

Daniel see it as tools to change the mentality about money and how to support projects out there, and like the idea of challenging the industry’s standard, where piracy and copying is frowned upon, by supplying simple solutions.
One of the big inspirations for this change are the people who live off their blog with money from readers who support the author.

Read more about them and find projects to flattr on their website
Read their blog
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Or check out their Flattr Profile

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