Q&A with Peter Sunde in the Wired UK

Wired UK published a short Q&A with Peter (one of the founders of Flattr) on how to support content creators. In addition to the gem of a picture of him the interview focuses on privacy, moving Flattr beyond the web browser and why big players like Youtube haven’t adopted microdonation service yet.

The big problem we have is that most of these really big companies, there are basically ten US companies, all of them only do their own solutions. So if Google do a solution for payments it will not be used by PayPal or Amazon. We have a benefit in being outside of that, but at the same time we don’t have the leverage to go on Youtube. It is kind of the chicken and the egg, if we’re big enough we’ll be on Youtube and if we’re not then we’ll find another way.

More here: Q&A: Peter Sunde on how to Flattr content creators

Photo credit: Wired UK