Do you remember collecting stickers on your suitcase when you were younger? I collected mine inside the lid one of my suitcases. These day’s a lot of us collect stickers on our laptops, netbooks and even phones (though not that many fit). We thought we’d scale this up:

At The Conference we had this huge banner with us and now it solemnly hangs in our office. It really wants some company. We want your stickers on it, so we’ll all be joined together on there. To explain what we’re trying to do, let me tell you about Per: Per is one of our code ninjas and he has a side project called Youtify (think Youtube + Spotify), naturally he uses Flattr on it. He’s also got a bunch of stickers he want to spread to people and one of them ended up on our banner.

The banner will become Our traveling suitcase that we want you to become a part of, aiming to create the worlds largest stickerized banner, so if your site is using Flattr then send us our stickers:

Send us your sticker, accommodated with your Flattr ID so we know who it’s from, to:
Flattr AB
Box 4111
SE-203 12 Malmö

We’ll follow up the project with pictures as the stickers come in.

Suitcase picture CC-By elitatt

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