When I was in NYC for this years Open Video Conference, I of course had to say hello to our friends over at MakerBot Industries.

They were just in the process of moving into a new, bigger, office and the environment was … creative! Laptops mixed with building material and circuits, and plenty of MakerBots pimped up with LEDs, just like one would expect. Under the stair to the second floor, a small space was reserved for Harry Potter!

MakerBot recently integrated Flattr in Thingiverse (the web site containing models to print out with your MakerBot) as a way to directly donate money to the creators.

“Flattr is great! Most of the popular model creators eventually get themselves a Flattr button”, says Marty McGuire, head of web development at MakerBot industries.

I think MakerBot is one of the most interesting companies around today. Much like Flattr, they are pioneering a new industry that will change how the world works. We have had plenty of fun with the MakerBot that they were kind enough to send to our office, and I can speak for everyone at Flattr when I wish them the best of luck.