Indie bands can earn more with Flattr than with iTunes

Last week’s post “How much do music artists earn online?” brought a few very interesting replies. Especially one from a Swedish band called The Shallows who shared on their Facebook page that they’ve made more money via Flattr in two months than they’ve made selling their songs via iTunes in over one and a half year.

Of course the title of this blog post is an exaggeration but the fact itself is pretty amazing. My gut feeling tells me that indie bands can make much more from voluntary donations, selling concert tickets and tshirts to fans than earn income from online music services. At least with the way revenue share is done on these services today.

To be honest then The Shallows hasn’t become exactly rich thanks for Flattr, at least not yet:

Still not enough for one beer each to all of us, but quite cool nevertheless! Not a single peep from Spotify though.

Mind you, beer in Sweden isn’t exactly cheap :) Any other indie bands out there willing to share how well different channels have worked for them in supporting their habit of burning guitars and destroying hotel rooms after a successful gig in a local club?

The Shallows itself is a fun little punk band, three guys – two guitars and drums, as simple as they come. You’ll need to fly over to Gothenburg in South of Sweden to catch them live or you could hit the play button below, they’re sharing music on Soundcloud.

The Shallows by The Shallows

And if you like what they do then don’t forget to flattr them, maybe they’ll get that beer after all.

2 thoughts on “Indie bands can earn more with Flattr than with iTunes

  1. Hehe, making less money than required for a beer (or strong coffee) is my experience, too. I guess that’s simply an issue with most audience members not having Flattr, though.

  2. I’m a musician too an just put up flattr buttons on my website as I strongly believe in flattr.
    But I’m missing a dedicated music category on flattr – it would be great to have a “music” filter on top next to “images”, “video” etc.
    I guess there must be a lot of other bands on flattr and this would help finding them.

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