Forum moving over to Stack Overflow

We’re moving all 3rd party development related questions from our forum to Stack Overflow.

Forum has served us well for a while, serving our users and us as a good place where to discuss features, help out developers with their problems, announce API changes etc. However, it has played its part and deserves a dignified funeral as we move on to better platforms.

So as of now we are moving all 3rd party developer topics over to Stack Overflow, probably the largest development related discussion site in the known universe. This is where most developers go anyway so using that as our new “home” makes a lot of sense. Most things regarding 3rd party development and integration to your site can be asked there.
All other support questions, since they may contain delicate information, is to be directed to our support team.

At the same time our development team will start posting in our blog on relevant 3rd party issues, things like changes to the API, some common problems when trying to get your code to work with Flattr and more.

Head over to Stack Overflow, ask your Flattr related questions there (make sure you tag them with “flattr”) and we’ll be there in a jiffy answering stuff.

4 thoughts on “Forum moving over to Stack Overflow

  1. Excellent move.

    Word of warning: Make sure that you use that forum only for “programming related questions”. That is clearly your intent here, but not everyone may know that, and some other kind of Flattr-related questions (or even non-question discussions) could end up there. The Stackoverflow community will quickly close and downvote those, probably leading to some hurt feelings. This has happened when Facebook moved to Stackoverflow.

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