Less Duplicates, with more social connections:

Yesterday we pushed yet another update to the site. This time around the biggest changes we added was a new system identifying duplicate things and an enhanced connections system.

We now use normalized URL:s to identify things. previously we did some normalization, but not enough. We also stored it in a less flexible way than we do now. That resulted in some duplicates being able to sneak through our system, duplicates that we now have cleaned up resulting in a few users now having fewer things.

We coded our own library for normalizing URL:s according to existing standards – and in the spirit of openness we decided to share it with the community so that others can make use of it and contribute to it. You can find it on GitHub.

Social connections has now been improved so that you can have multiple connections of the same type connected to a single Flattr account. This means that if you have multiple Twitter or SoundCloud accounts you can now connect them all to your Flattr account without having to choose only one of them.

We’re also showing your connections in your public profile now, something which you’re of course able to opt out from and those of you who had already taken steps to hide your Twitter connections were of course opted out by default. The connections shown in your public profile is marked up semantically using the rel=me Microformat which makes your Flattr profile part of your social graph on the web. Hooray!

Apart from these two updates we, like always, also polished the site further and fixed more bugs, like improving the opt out of e-mail notifications, to make Flattr an ever improving experience for our users.

Picture CC-by-sa Vivian Evans

2 thoughts on “Early September update: Less duplicates, more social connections

  1. I already suggested this on another post, but will do here again: could you implement a dedicated music category? Or do you think that there’s too little content for that?

  2. Hi!
    If you’ve suggested it already we’re considering it.

    We’ve always got a lot of things juggling at the same time. And we don’t want to tell too much of what we’re doing since priorities can change mid way and we need to fix something else, people tend to get disapointed!

    We’re aware that the categories currently are lacking some punch, and could become a lot better. Stay tuned for how we’ll solve the problem! ;)

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