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If you’re interested in movies which are not targeted to the mass market and aren’t played in cinemas with hundreds of seats, where would you head to? Pirate Bay? Art cinema? We’ll show you one more good place to visit.

Cinemander is a platform for independent movies, where you can watch, talk about, support. Especially the last bit is what we want to tell you more about. They recently gave up the pay-per-view approach and decided to continue with Flattr. I asked Martin Schulte from Cinemander to tell us more about it.

How did it all start?
We started in August 2010 with 3 independent filmmakers. It was a pure and idealistic approach from the beginning with now money in the back and a big love for independent movies. Right now I’m running the site almost on my own. When we started developing there was nothing such site in Europe and we wanted to create a platform for all those movies resting on shelves after their festival-period.

People can also engage with other film lovers on the site – how?
Next to showing movies, as registered user you get a profile-page with the possibility to setup your own Top5 List, rate movies and write reviews. You can also invite people from the community into your own Filmclub. You can communicate with each other and you can publish your Playlist and Top5 to your Filmclub to keep up to date about what your friends watched.

How many films do you feature at the moment?
We are still small. Right now we have 28 movies online and a few in the pipeline to be released in the next weeks. We are always looking for new movies, every filmmaker is invited to show their stuff for free on However we do not offer a self-service. We’d like to know who’s stuff we are showing. Simply write an email to and we make the deal.

What formats do you accept?
Our minimum-offer are SD-Streams, some movies have Full-HD.
Since 1st September, we have a mobile site as well which is also reached under and which is simple and straight forward for watching movies and flattr them.

Wanna know how to invent? Cinemander

Where did you hear about Flattr? 
I found Flattr a while ago, researching for alternative payment models.

How had it been working before?
Before switching to flattr we were pay-per-view based on a prepaid cinemander-account via paypal. The movies had prices between 0,50-5,00 € depending on length and quality.
From the flattr-income 70% will go to the filmmakers. 30% of Advertising-Income will be equally shared by the amount of watched movies as well.

Why did you decide to sign up? What do you think of Flattr?
We decided to use flattr for our movies because it fits better to our philosophy. Giving money for something you like is more than simply buying. It’s showing respect and esteeming the work of others. We believe and hope, people share our believe, that is way better than buying a pig in a poke.

Were you using any other donation service before?
No we did not. I Actually like the simplicity of Flattr most. Our filmmakers were all quite excited about switching to flattr and everyone was happy to try out new ways.
It is now much easier to watch movies on the site since the is no payment in advance is necessary so we are looking forward to reach out to a wider audience and see them flattr. ;)

According to Martin, these are the most popular films on Cinemander now:

“Semshook” – a Drama between Tibet and China
“Dead Time” – a disturbing experimental drug abuse movie
“Der goldene Nazivampir von Absam2” – a German Short-Satire about occult Nazi-Experiments (in German only)

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