Breadpig – a hero with bread wings

When the world needed a hero, it got a pig with bread wings. This hero both fascinated and made me curious, so I decided to dig in:

Breadpig is an un-corporation that donates all of their non-sustainable profits to organizations and individuals that make the world a little bit better. Or as they describe their mission “To help make the world suck less by selling you the geeky things you love and giving the profits to all good causes”.
Now you don’t even have to consume to support Breadpig, you can flattr them instead.

This video below explains how all of it works (>2 min)

Behind Breadpig we have Alexis Ohanian, known for co-founding Reddit. Together with him Christina Xu and Hadley Rouse now also work on the project. You can read more about them and their mission on the Breadpig’s About page.

Where does the money they don’t need to sustaining the project go then?
Among the list of their partners we’ve got the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Room to Read and San Francisco SPCA.

Breadpig has expanded from collecting money via sales of cool geeky stuff, like Awesomesause and the first XKCD book, to also working as a hub for collecting information about all the cool geeky stuff that’s going on out there in the world. Where people create something in hopes of making the world suck less.

The money also goes into projects that they work on. An example of these projects is Hack Club, an occasional gathering where geeks can meet each other and bond over the sheer joy of dreaming big, learning, and creating.

Read more about all their projects, check out all their geeky stuff at the shop and follow them on Twitter. Oh and don’t forget to flattr them.

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  1. Someone donated to my classroom using this code…it worked! Are you a Breadpig? I am a Breadpig when it comes to eating spaghetti sauce! I often pinch off a little bit of dough and share it with my students in the form of a donation to expand their learning opportunities. Would you like to help? Visit my Teacher Page at, make a tax-deductible donation of any size, and use the match code Breadpig to double your donation dollar-for-dollar. Please follow this link: Animal Farm — Politics Goes to the Pigs, Chickens, and Cows

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