pirateArrh, talk like a Pirate day – today!

Nay, the world didn’t go mad, it’s the International Talk Like a Pirate Day today. Aye! And we collected some piratey booty for you, matey.

Pirates all around the world are not just drunken sailin’ on the seas happily. Look at the countries participating in the Pirate Party Movement. Or watch them live (when on). If they ever need to stamp, they can just print one in 3D.

Many of ’em is hanging around The Pirate Bay, and the law may be after them but Nina Paley’s memes explain why copying is not a crime. If ye be a (French) pirate, tell the world why you pirate. (If you aren’t, you can still be one.)

There is a forum to discuss and dispel the prejudices against gaming pirates called Set sail for gaming. Also, check out this 3D Captain.

We not quite know what’s gonna happen here yet but Design Pirates are on their way.

I be not a good student (no grog during work hours) but if you wish to polish yer pirate self, ye can learn to talk like a Pirate. You can even flattArrr them.

And now what shall we do? Sing along:

Ye want more? Arrr.

Image from madmonk matey on Flattr.

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  1. Enough of pirate babble! Run a shot across the bow of Wikipediarr and board their ship, and put yer Flattraflags on all their masts, me tiddly Hearties!

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