Since everyone loves lists I thought I’d line up a few great web comics.

While I was looking at different web comics, back when this blog post was just a seed in my brain, I called out to find some that I might have missed. One of the replies I got ended up with Leo Loikkanen creating the following comic:

All Killer No Filler

The above comic is by All Filler No Killer which fills out its strips with pure madness. It’s CC-BY-SA licensed and published Mon-Wed-Fri. [Flattr]

RiotFish publishes a variety of different comics, that’s previously been published in newspapers/magazines, but are copyrighted by him. [Flattr]

Geeks in Love - Paying the compliment

Geeks in Love shows us different very geeky ways of being in love and showing that love, I bet you’ll recognize yourself in some of them. The comic is CC-licensed. [Flattr]

Fire and Stone is an epic story that follows a couple of Firebirds (phoenixes) on their adventures. It publishes every Wednesday. [Flattr]

Little Gamers - Innovative name guys

Little Gamers, as the name reveals, follows a bunch of little gamers on their adventures. At the same time current events are covered and twisted, may it be gaming, politics, world news or innovation. [Flattr]

The Wormworld Saga would belong under the category graphic novel but I felt that it definitely had a place in this post. He’s currently working on chapter 2 of the saga. [Flattr]

Jesus and Mo deals with religious satire, and is updated two times a week. It’s also released under a Creative Commons license. [Flattr]

reMIND does not only supply a comic but you also get to follow the making of a graphic novel and they provide you with great tips for how to expand your fan base, among other things. [Flattr]

Mimi and Eunice - Stomp the feeling

Mimi and Eunice is created by Nina Paley (previously featured). She uses a license to love, where sharing is in focus. Mimi & Eunice are two middle-aged children/baby psychos/heterosexual lesbians. [Flattr]

Loading Artist gives us long perspective on things. It is loosely based on the life of an artist who wants to become better and famous. This comic is updated somewhat at random. [Flattr]

If you have any others to recommend add them to the comments and hopefully we can collect more comics for a follow up.
Now I’ll leave you to explore all these comics, and maybe recognize yourself in the one below, by Loading Arist:

Loading Artist - Island

10 thoughts on “10 Web Comics You Can Support Easily

  1. I need to get flattr I read webcomics all day at Probably follow over 30 and a few have flattr. I usually buy books and shirts but it would be nice just to drop them a few bucks!

  2. LOL, Loading artist is my favorite out of your list. Too bad the comic is not updated as frequently but quality trumps over quantity any day I guess.

    Nice list though.

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