One of the busiest categories on Flattr is photography. Thank God for that. We started this series to collect 10 great things of a topic, and today we picked ten photographers. We have many (many) more of them, so the list is clearly a small slice of all the greatness available.

Rob Sheridan's Photo - Anonymous vs. Scientology

Rob Sheridan is the Art Director for Nine Inch Nails, interested in art, films and video games, and also takes amazing photos. In his travel portfolio you can find photos from around the world, starting from 2001 with images about 9/11. There are many other things on his site which you should check out, like his illustrations, Creative Commons licenced wallpapers and sketch blog with his older works. [Flattr profile]

Boryana Katsarova has an impressive bio. She is a freelance Bulgarian photographer specializing in documentary, editorial and portrait photography. Her images have been featured in newpapers like NY Times,  National Geographic, Guardian, and Le Monde among many others. In her gallery you can find the solitary face of her home in the project called Lonely Bulgaria, the Clashes in Athens, or Gaza Freedom Flotilla Consequences. [Flattr profile]

Jan Brennenstuhl aka Brenna was born in the Eastern-part of Berlin, and as he says, influenced by the mortal remains of the real socialism and multicultural, subcultural ideas of squatting and creative designing of public space, he started photographying street art. Through Urban Art Photography you can look behind the scenes of street art and graffity, focusing on the artist rather than their art work. [Flattr profile]

Ignas Kutavicius‘ habit of documenting everything with pictures led to his passion and profession in photography. You can find his experiments with different cameras and techniques in his portfolio, from 35mm film SLR’s, to lomographic cameras, handmade pinholes and Polaroid. Digital photography and image editing helped him to explore the world of digital artwork, and he shares some of his art and design. [Flattr profile]

OH! Photography

Oleksandr Hnatenko was 8 years old when he got his first camera. For the first time he was passionately taking pics of his uncle’s wedding, only to find out at the end that there was no film in the camera. In spite of this encouraging first experience with photography, he did become a photographer. In form of photos, we can meet his surreal imagination on OH! Photography. [Flattr profile]

Pierre Marsaut is a French photographer who went for a journey around Central and Eastern Europe to document the region. He spent more than two years in the area, and you can view the often poignant photos, and compare Pierre’s and Boryana’s images on the same stories. [Flattr profile]

Valerio Berdini specializes in travel, reportage, documentary photography and even working as a live music photographer in the UK. His project shows any place around the world where a transformation is in place. Check out his galleries full of silent human stories (with lots of eye contact). To emphasis what kind of areas Valerio visits, read the article about the 14 Most Dangerous Locations For Photojournalists in which his Nepal – Children of the Revolution series was featured. [Flattr profile]

Quinn Ryan Mattingly is an American documentary and editorial photographer based in Vietnam. You can look into the life of buddhist monks or behind the curtain of a the Saigon Circus among many other galleries. Or read his blog to get stories around the colorful images. [Flattr profile]

The name dvafoto actually hides two photographers, Matt Lutton and M. Scott Brauer. You can enjoy their individual work, but dvafoto is a project they work on together. These two photojournalist share news, notes and images about photography, photojournalism, and visual culture. Or anything they find interesting. They also feature an interview series with other photographers and creatives, where you can find even more treasure. [dvafoto on Flattr]

Oliver Fluck's photoOliver Fluck is from Germany who, after moving to the USA, started to experiment with photography inspired by the new environment. He has many interesting series showing the inconspicuous bits and pieces of the States, cities transformed with HDRI technique, or priosoners playing chess in a maximum security prioson: check it all out in his galleries. You can keep updated with Oliver’s images on his blog. [Flattr profile]

Oliver Fluck was the first (and only) photographer who I interviewed for FlattrChattr. Now he will close this list, and also my work with Flattr. Was a pleasure! (Both.)

All the others who were not mentioned this time but would like to get some exposure please shout in the comments.

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