There were quite a few things happening around Flattr this week, so I’ll give you a nice and short overview to be up to date with us.

Quick Response

I think Offline Flattr didn’t get as much attention as it deserves before, but hopefully this initiative from Snild Dolkow will start something good here. I know QR codes are not that popular generally, but there is potential in it, even in Flattr terms. You can expand your buttons into the real world, making people aware of your Thing and the possibility to give you money for it in a fun way.

That’s why we decided to help a bit with the execution. If you have an idea of how/where to display Flattr QR codes in front of a big audience, you shouldn’t worry about the price of printing, just respond quickly to our announcement: Let us help to print your Flattr posters.

We listed a few examples of existing QR codes to tickle your imagination, and also mentioned that The Conference is the first in the world being ready to be flattred in and out. The idea of it was also welcomed on Techdirt – not from the ‘Anonymous Coward” commenters, though.

I’m excited to see if it’s gonna break through. There is no ‘no entry’ sign anymore, put your buttons wherever you wish.


The Spanish translation group effort on Crowdin led to the a Spanish Flattr site: Since yesterday you can browse Flattr in Español! To celebrate our Spanish speaking resources, we featured an interview with the creator of the Spanish Flattr video. The additional secret aim of that is, that if your language is still not available on the Flattr site, it may encourage you to either take part of the translations, create subtitles for the Flattr video, or, being brave, dub This is Flattr.

The Catalan Pirates have discovered Flattr as well: ¿Qué es Flattr?

Actually, the Czech ones, too: Piráti používají svobodný mikroplatební systém Flattr

Plans ‘n giants

You people may be interested in what’s happening around Flattr right now, what we’re planning for the future, and even, if we’re afraid of Google and Facebook. If you really are, you can get answers to your questions from an interview with our Linus on “The web giants probably have plans for micropayments”  (The discussion is also available in German.)

So print QRs, enjoy the Spanish site, and don’t be afraid of the giants!

Image from the Urban Economy Project

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