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The middle of the week was all about The Conference in the Flattr house – actually, at The Conference venue itself. The official Flattr iOS app of the event had lots to do during the two days – nearly 200 offline clicks were placed to appreciate the “components” of the pow-wow.

You must all know the QR design we displayed at the SXSW earlier this year. But did you know that this gave the idea to Martin Thornkvist to use QR codes at The Conference? He and Linus will tell you more about it here: Using Micropayments to Reward Speakers, Exhibitors and Attendees of a Conference


Wikileaks is a quite popular Flattr user, but we have some more sources where you can find uncensored information. One of them is Mathaba, an independent news organization with the aim to help people become aware. They need support.

The “Hungarian Wikileaks”, atlatszo.hu has also joined Flattr recently. It’s a watchdog NGO, which combines investigative journalism and civic activism to promote transparency in Hungary. If you’re interested, but not speaking Hungarian, you can still check out what they do or read their English news.

Taz.de has “leaked out” their income from voluntary payments in July – you can check it here, and/or look at the Flattr revenue table.

Dear Community

Josef has gone back to his studies, and our new Community Manager, Siim Teller has taken his place to continue what Josef has started and figure out new ways to fascinate you, dear community. You better look out for the magic.

Ah and, I have to mention, Siim is also a photographer, so expect a vibrant source of Flattr images on our Flickr account. You could check out the latest ones from the past week immediately.

If you were wondering whether Peter would flattr a picture of a poop, you must watch this video:

Act accordingly. :) (I’m still not sure about Linus, though.)

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