We told you we were Going to Camp and now it’s been more than a week since we returned. Let us tell you about some of the awesome things that we experienced.

At OggCamp I, Marie, held a talk, even though I’d been struck by a horrible cold. The talk was named Flattr – the Social way to get paid, and can be viewed on blip.tv.
I met a lot of people who already knew about Flattr, and a lot of people that I successfully managed to pitch it to. It being a Open Source (and quite Linux) oriented conference I met people from Crunchbang Linux, Linux Outlaws and FSFE, among others, who’re all on Flattr already.
I was also interviewed by Ken Fallon from Hacker Public Radio, we’ll get back to it when it’s been released to the public!
Even more material from the conference can be found here.

The luck of meeting all these people was to engage in discussing the future possibilities and development of Flattr.
Note till next year: Remember to tell people/show them that you’ve got stickers! This year I ended up sharing them the last night, and we all know that stickers are always appreciated.

Niklas managed to crash his computer the night before he left for and have his tent then fly away the first night of the camp, unlucky. Other than that he cruised the camp, enjoyed a Club Mate or 42 and he managed to hook up with Michael Grosser, from aFlattr, to chat about the developing state of technology. He also met up with Tim Pritlove to discuss Flattr and what features could and should be implemented in the future.
Attending a talk about The future of money he heard Flattr name dropped.

Sweden Social Web Camp
Our Linus went to SSWC, and he thought it’d be an experience best explained in pictures:

Summer heat in Sweden requiers a bath
Let's charge our batteries
Geeks in sheep clothing, or is it?

That’s all folk!

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