The World’s first flattrable conference

A media conference called The Conference will take place in our home town Malmö next week. Among the speakers are Bill Drummond (The KLF), Paola Antonelli (MoMA), Yancey Strickler (Kickstarter) and many others. But we have another good reason to like Media Evolution, namely because it’s the World’s first flattrable conference. People at the conference will be able to flattr sessions, speakers, exhibitors and other participants with the Flattr iPhone app (or any code scanning app). Showing appreciation to a really good question asked from the audience, or someone you met over lunch, anyone? We’re giving some free Flattr credits to all participants who are not Flattr users yet, so hopefully almost everyone will be able to flattr almost anyone.

If you’re going, come say hi at the Flattr area (and claim your free Flattr credits). If not, keep an eye on the FlattrChattr blog for some pics and coverage next week.

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