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We have featured different users who are great examples of how Flattr can be used used. taz is a German newspaper that has found a very good way to use Flattr to support their operations in the new digital era. Here’s more about them:

The last 10 years has not just been a time of change but also a great time to reinvent oneself within the journalist community. As more and more media outlets, be it dailies, weeklies, magazines or something else, reinvent themselves to better match the new consumer behavior it’s the bold pioneers who reap the most benefit.

Taz.de is a great example of a media channel that has embraced the opportunities that internet brings. The newspaper itself can be labeled as “citizen journalism” and it’s a cooperative with over 10.000 owners aka subscribers and it’s a non-profit.

The team is strongly focused on the quality of the actual journalism, in giving their readers independent and balanced reporting and maintaing freedom of the press in return of their support. Readers can support the paper by regular subscriptions, buying from their online store, but also supporting them via Flattr.

As Taz.de covers stories that traditional media shuns or touches only lightly then the readership also tends to be the crowd looking for an alternative voice. Using the immediacy of online media and with the help of citizen journalists they’re able to report on stories faster, as the events take place.

taz zahl ich

Taz.de has used different forms of voluntary payments to support their operations already from 2005. When Flattr was launch they were quick to try the system to collect micro donations at the article level. Recently they launched a campaign t

Taz has used this to their advantage, since 2005 they’ve been using alternative forms of voluntary payments to support the newspaper. Last year when Flattr came along they tried it out as well, by adding Flattr buttons to all of their articles. Recently they also launched a big campaign for supporting taz called “taz zahl ich”, I paid Taz.

Each month they share with their readers how much the revenue for the previous month was, like this in July. Transparency is a important key for taz, and in a lot of other use-cases of Flattr. It acts as a reminder that Flattr’s there, and that you can continue to support them.

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