Malmö Festivalen posterMalmö Festivalen is one of the biggest and most beloved festivals in Sweden. This year it’ll take place from 19-26 August, and visitors can expect a great variety of music, programs and local food there. The entry is free, and there is one more good reason why we should be excited about this event.

Snild Dolkow creates electronic rock music on Nintendo DS, and he’ll also play on the Malmö Festival. The trick is that he is a Flattr user, and he’ll display Flattr QR codes on and around the stage! This is a great initiative and experiment, and we hope that Snild will be rewarded with lots of QR scans. Of course we’ll report about his gig and how the QRs were performing later on. You can check out Snild’s music here in advance, or by visiting the Youth Tent in the Raoul Wallenberg park on the festival at 18:00, 21st Aug. And look out for those QRs!

If you decided to attend, don’t forget to download the Android app for the festival, and also make sure you have a QR code scanner on your phone to be able to Flattr Snild.

Links to explore:

The official website of the festival
Malmö Festivalen on Facebook
Snild Dolkow’s website
Snild Dolkow on Spotify

And if you can’t make it to the festival but love what Snild is doing, you can still Flattr him!

6 thoughts on “Short News: Malmö Festivalen

  1. Tried it with my Nokia N900 and the picture was to small to register för the mBarcode-app where I was at the back of the gated area in front on the stage. I got it to work though by taking a zoomed in picture with the regular camera-app and then importing it to the mBarcode-app.

    Note to Snild/flattr: Have HUGE HUGE HUGE barcodes for people to scan!
    Note to mBarcode programmer: Please add a zoom-function in the program!

  2. Note to E-mannen: Thanks for sharing the experience! There were a few smaller ones around the tent as well, but maybe there should be way more of them or yes, a much bigger one on the stage.
    So you enjoyed the gig?

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