Short News: Crowdfunding Seminar in Berlin

If you happen to be in Berlin the 13th of August, between 15.00 – 19.00 this will be the seminar to attend.

The topic: Crowdfunding for Independent Filmmakers.
The venue: open; inquired but not confirmed. —> EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Internet/WIFI/-connection, data projector, projection screen, sound system.
It’s held in English, and there’s an estimated €50 fee.

Short version of the idea behind the seminar:

We’ll suggest a date and a rough schedule for this event, and start a crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of next week, through which you can purchase your attendance at the workshop (similar to the way we handled it with David Röthler for our Crowdfunding-Webinar ). After the seminar or on the following day, I’ll be available for personal consultations, which you can acquire as a perk (for a relatively low price). In addition, Lucas is bringing his film “Blanc de Blanc”, and stage an exclusive screening for us. The tickets to this screening will make another perk. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to cover any costs, among them travel, accommodation, catering, honorarium, handling etc.

If you’re curious about this you can read more about it and stay up to date in English or German.