On Monday we announced our ‘QR sponsorship’ opportunity if you would like to execute your Flattr QR ideas for free. However it’s less about the originality of the idea and (much) more about your motivation to carry it out, maybe you can still gain some inspiration from these existing QR examples below.

Probably the very first Flattr QR was to be found in a shop window, linking to the Spreebrick website. If you have a shop, or any other surface where you can (legally) place your code…

If you’re an artist and you have a place to show your art, you can just stick a QR code next to it. Like this one in Amsterdam.

If you want to encroach a whole district or let’s say town with your QRs, you can preview how they will look like in their future environment. The Urban Economy project is older than the Offline Flattr, but the idea is the same.

You can simply put the code onto yourself. You even have the Flattr badge service to do so. And this is how it looks up and running. You can also attach them to your bag. Or to your laptop. Or order a T-shirt on flattirl.com

You can find a place for your QR code on the things you like.  You can put them onto your music, or even onto your flyers. But as for a minimum, Flattr QRs onto all doors!

Last, but definitely not least, we’re happy to introduce the world’s very first flattrable conference! It’ll be all about the future of media with the participation of the media industries to discuss their future audience, technology and creation. It’ll take place in Malmö from 24-25 August, and if you’re planning to attend, you better prepare your phone as you can flattr all the speakers, participants and sessions at the event.

Now these are all something we would like to see around the globe more, and if you have ideas about QR usage in front of a bigger audience, let us know and we may cover your QR costs.

Even if you have QR code only to educate your close environment, make sure we know about it (in the comments).

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