Ethan with Flattr QRLast week you could read a quick post about Snild Dolkow, who will display Flattr QR codes at his gig on the Malmö Festival this weekend. We found his idea great and we want to see more (and more) of it, so we decided to make it easier for you to leverage QR codes.

If you are a musician, (street) artist, have an exhibition, or basically you’re doing anything that could benefit from a Flattr QR, we’re happy to help you with the cost of the QR production. Snild wanted to use one big QR poster on the stage and three smaller ones around the tent he will play in. Printing costs can fly high, and as an experiment and offline motivation we can cover your (sensible) expenses.

Think about if you have the opportunity in the upcoming weeks to display QR codes for a bigger audience and share your plans with us in the comments. If there will be more than 10 of you, the ones with the most flattrs will be “sponsored”. You can comment your ideas up until the end of August.

Share some details  – about the event, about what you’re doing, about the QRs, if the posters need to be printed quick, and maybe even your expectations.  Also, don’t forget to add your Flattr ID before you send your comment to get a button right next to your “application”.

Either you’re a Flattr veteran or joined us recently, if you have a cool idea how to leverage Flattr QRs, you can get the prints for free! Now, let’s see those codes spreading.

PS.: Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read more about Flattr QRs here. It’s easy.

12 thoughts on “Let us help to print your Flattr posters

  1. Well it’ sounds great! I have planed to add qr-code poster to my racecar, but I haven’t enough motivation yet.

    I’m a hobbist race car driver escpecially in drift, but sometimes I go to minirallys or similar events.
    So flattr-qr will be a new nice decoration, and give me some sponsor money maybe…

  2. I wouldn’t really say that we have a cool idea for it since it’s basically the one you already provided above. But I think the concept is great, I’ve been thinking about how to leverage QR-codes more than just direct people to your website.

    In the long run we might do a kind of social game based on QR-codes, but for now the concept of getting revenue or just appreciation from the visitors at gigs. We have two gigs coming up, the first being on a skate festival here in Gothenburg August 27th. Potentially a lot of tech savvy youngsters there. The other one is a regular club gig at September 28th.

  3. Just a tip: When printing stuff, make sure your Flattr Thing isn’t too specific, so your posters are reusable. I was lucky enough to realize this just before I was about to place my order – and used a new Thing titled “Snild Dolkow LIVE” instead of “Snild Dolkow @ Malmöfestivalen 2011”. Phew. :)

  4. The highlight is more on the wish to actually execute your plan, rather than the idea itself. If we only have people who want to place QRs around the stage, that’s great too! Well, we already have a racing car…

  5. I remember when I first learned about the QR codes here on Flattr, I made one minutes after I understood what it was. I had big ideas about printing out stickers in different sizes to cover some of those I could find out in the city, haha…
    Didn’t go that far, but I now have a QR code and published it on my website.
    I don’t think many people around here would know what to do with a QR code. It’s not something people know anything about in Norway. We should educate them!

  6. How do you get those sexy plastic displays?
    In early September I’ll be on an Art-Fair in Amsterdam – and my idea is to do quick portraits of people. So I plan to put my QR code there. I have an older print still, that I had in a gallery window – but its just on plain white copypaper. So I think the plastic thing would look more dashing. Otherwise I would prefer to print it just on a bigger paper of higher quality – though that won’t be really be very expensive, I would still be happy to take your offer :)

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