Last days of August

Summer is officially coming to an end. We hope you’ve had just as great a summer as we’ve had here at the office. One might expect usage of internet, and new users to diminish over these great summer months, but it’s been quite the opposite! Let us give you a view of some of the new cool stuff and people who’ve joined Flattr!

Who doesn't love Flattr stickers?
I almost forgot the Flattr-stickers

It seems that going on vacation can have a positive effect inspiring new people to join, maybe it helps when you go to a conference and talk about what you’re most passionate about:

Even if Paul Mellors didn’t attend the conference himself he got inspired and decided it was time to start using Flattr, read more here. [Flattr]

Geek Girl founder Heidi Harman decided it was time to actually implement Flattr into her own website after a visit by me. [Flattr]

Tristan Linnell, was another person who came into contact with me and Flattr at OggCamp. He’s added Flattr to his GitHub repositories. [Flattr]

Corenominal, or Phil Newborough the man behind Crunchbang Linux was already well adopted to Flattr, but thought about further integration possibilities and did snatch a few stickers (see the picture). [Flattr]

Together with our appearance at the Conference we also got a bunch of people, talks and random cool things flattred! More here.

Moving on to other non conference related things:
Souleye is Swedish and makes game music for the indie game VVVVVV (feature in the latest Humble Bundle), among others, thought it was high time to join Flattr, and so do we! [Flattr]

Singer songwriter Daria Musk has lately been exposing her talent via G+, seem quick to adapt new ways to get herself out there. Let’s see if she can get some support via Flattr as well. [Flattr]

The Justiciar tells us about his venture into Flattr, will be interesting to see if there’s any follow-ups. [Flattr]

Metior is a source code history analyzer API, written in Ruby. It provides various statistics about the source code repository and its change over time. [Flattr]

A good end to an awesome summer; our summer worker Christopher is leaving us now on Wednesday, and he’s written us a wonderful letter to thank for his time here, read the letter.

Feel free to tell us about any new cool flattrable stuff that you think deserves a click before the month ends in the comments!

Picture via Corenominal

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