Our very own Linus put on his writing hat and posted “Crowdfunding: get paid for free stuff” over at the netmagazine.com. It’s a nice little overview of crowdfunding if you’re new to the topic, and of course it explains how Flattr works.

People want their money to mean something. In a perfect world, their money should be the last money needed to enable you as a creator to do what you couldn’t do before. If you can tap into something your fans have showed they want you to do, it’s even better. Express the possibility that if they support you, you can invite that singer for music, post more blogs or go to that place needed to finish your documentary. This is why Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Vodo and fund gathering towards a certain goal works so well.

The interesting and useful part are the 5 tips about how to make crowdfunding work better for you. Some of it might sound too obvious but trust Linus, these things work as we’ve seen from our most successful users. Recommended read, here’s the link again: Crowdfunding: get paid for free stuff

One thought on “5 tips to make crowdfunding work for you

  1. Great article and useful not only where you seek funding! I particularly liked the mention of transparency. Many promising projects that are based on a supportive crowd underestimate the importance of opening up where possible.

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