‘Hello!’ to our new Community Manager Siim

Community is one of the most valuable thing that Flattr has and I’m happy to say that starting this week we have someone in our team who is 100% focused on that. He hails from Estonia and his name is Siim Teller.

Siim eats feedback for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He claims he can pick the brains of people faster than a bicycle thief can steal a rusty old bike?!?!

Here’s how he describes himself:

I’ve been involved with startups for the past 10 years, everything from creating content, community management, marketing, product development etc. In my previous job at GrabCAD I helped to build one of the most vibrant communities of mechanical engineers. Before that I was responsible for Skype’s website but also wrote in their blog.

Blogging and photography have been my long time hobbies, I’ve been writing and shooting for well over 10 years.

Being a content creator myself and having experience with building communities and successful web products I’m very exited to join the Flattr team.

You can get hold of him via email at siim@flattr.com or meet him in person at one of the events Flattr is supporting (anyone in Malmö attending The Confence today and tomorrow?). He tweets @teller, posts pics of his travels and baby boy on Flickr and in case you happen to speak Estonian then hop over to siimteller.com.

4 thoughts on “‘Hello!’ to our new Community Manager Siim

  1. Hi Arvis,

    How’s Flattr doing in Latvia? I know you’re the most vocal advocate, what about others? And which big website should we help convince to start using Flattr? :)


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