What to flattr when you speak Svensk?

Since we’ve been getting a lot of new Swedish users, by teaming up with Bredbandsbolaget, it’s good time to do a “what to flattr?” post about Swedish stuff. We’re writing it in English so the Swedes are not the only ones to find new great things to flattr. Enjoy!

Thought leaders:
Most Swedes probably already know of comedian Magnus Betnér, but they might not know that he’s got a podcast together with Helena Sandklef and Fredrik Krohnman, and that they’ve got Flattr on it. He’s also got some interesting thoughts flattrable on his blog. [Flattr here]

Unni Drougge released her Audibook, “Boven i mitt drama kallas kärlek“, for free on the Pirate bay in April of 2009, with only a PayPal button for donations (unfortunately Flattr wasn’t on the market yet). She wrote a follow up “We are all the winners” on her blog about it. You can still download the book, and other books by her on Pirate Bay. [Flattr here]

Anna Troberg is an author, previous publisher and now politician. She was quick to bite on the bait of using Flattr for her blog, where she also publishes her new and old creative writing. She’s also known under the pseudonym Rosetta Sten through which she wrote and published her novel “Chefer från helvetet” (Bosses from hell). Her writing projects can be found on her blog under the name Spineless Fiction. [Flattr here]

Binärpilot, might not be Swedish, but close by from our neighboring country Norway. Binärpilot brings you chip music and is known to a lot of people both in and outside of Sweden. He mainly licenses his music under Creative Commons and also has a strong view about the effects of Piracy on the music industry. All music is available to listen to on his website. [Flattr here]
If you want some Swedish chiptunes, check out our article about Dubmood.

Youtify, think YouTube music videos with the easiness of Spotify. It’s built by two Swedish guys, one of whom happens to work here at the Flattr office. The service is in active development and being improved as each day goes by. Try it out, you will not regret it! [Flattr here]

Gimme Indie is a web radio that also provides broadcasts from concerts. They focus a lot on unsigned and independently released music. They’ve also made recordings at Hultsfred Festival! [Flattr here]

Amnesty International Sweden is a great organization for human rights! We’ve written about their work previously here on FlattrChattr. This is to support the Swedish branch of the organization. [Flattr here]

A click for the forest – Ett klick för skogen, really came true with the implementation of Flattr. Clicking the flattr-button really is a click for the forest, by support the organization. The project has now changed it’s name to Naturarvet, but their work is still the same. Their vision is to preserve the old forests in Sweden to nurture the wild life dependent upon it. [Flattr here]

IM – Individuell Människohjälp, is a Swedish aid group working for individual rights and that fights and exposes poverty and alienation, in and out of Sweden. They now work actively in 13 countries around the world. [Flattr here]

For our Swedish Twitter users Twittoppen might be something of interest. It’s a site that indexes Swedish tweeps and list them accordingly. Where do you place in the list? [Flattr here]

Time to cause a riot? Or maybe at least collect signatures for a cause. Upprop will be the service for you! And you can in turn support them via Flattr. [Flattr here]

Who called? Sometimes you wonder and and this is a services to crowdsource numbers from unwanted places, like telemarketing. So here you can find out who it was who called. They also supply a service to stop telemarketers from calling you. [Flattr here]

If you like street art and creative out lashes surrounding you in the streets then Gatukonst is probably something for you! They focus on going out into the world to photograph, document and do interviews relating to street art. [Flattr here]

If you want your news delivered by a small cat in a funny twisted way I’d recommend Knappnytt presented by Knatten. They’ve licensed their material under CC-by-sa and their episodes can also be downloaded from the Pirate Bay. [Flattr here]

Minecraft, is a game that goes a little bit deeper than other games and where you can almost build anything from building blocks. The game is available in both a free and payed version. No matter which you choose you can still Flattr it! [Flattr here]

If you got a friend not on Flattr yet, that’s a customer with BBB in Sweden, you’ve now got the opportunity that allows them to sign up and get their first 3 months of flattr-funds from BBB! A great deal to start off together with this great list!

There’s more! Browse the cool, funny, interesting and educational Swedish sites in our content catalogue

Picture via Christopher Neugebauer cc-by-sa

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