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After a quick sneak peak into the Flattr button factory the “product” is ready and live; you can now see the new buttons on your sites (and on others). We got several responses on Facebook, and if you still have something to tell us about it, don’t hold back! We’ll have a blog post about this new phenomenon, but until then, here are some of the first guys realizing what’s happened. For these posts you will need to rely on G**gle translate if you don’t speak German or Italian:

Tobias Gillen reported the news about the updated buttons – here we can get a quick review of the changes.

From the green (kiwi) bird we can read a more detailed and illustrated post about our button evolution.

Finally, a slightly more practical guide on the Recensopoli blog about how to resize your Flattr buttons. Believe me, the translator works really well here.


Samat wrote a nice (and flattering) comparison why it’s better using Flattr than, umm, others, so if you’re not convinced yet, read this post immediately. (Read it anyway, it highlights our excellence, and that’s good.)

An Alexa based illustration on AppApeal shows how Flattr is doing around the world. I would like to suggest: Let’s make that map dark green!

“What are young adults thinking about money and value? How can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance? What does the future hold for banks and other financial institutions in the wake of massive peer to peer exchange?” The Future of Money is a conversation around this topic, and to get started, watch their video.

When you’re done, jump into Twitter and discuss the #futureofmoney.


FlattrMe is not only my wish that you click my button, but also a plugin that helps you integrate Flattr with Elgg-based sites. Check out the plugin here, or read more about Elgg itself.

So many places to put Flattr buttons, and there are even more things to make it easier. For example EasyFlattr, which suggests that you will get a very smooth process integrating Flattr with Joomla.

Another important aspect of the Internets is the Providers themselves. Collentine, who is also our Community Manager for the summer discusses the responsibility of ISPs in terms of…well, freedom.

Good news

Hopefully I can finish every review with ‘Good news’ from now on. (I wouldn’t bet on it, though.) For this week we have Golem.de, who is now using Flattr to enable flattring on the comments. Read more about this on their site (in German) or here on FlattrChattr.

Image created by Tom Magliery, shared under CC BY-NC-SA (Oh, and he has many more buttons, just in case.)

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  1. Interesting fact: 98% of the voters (46 voters in total) think that the oldest buttons were the best. Just one person voted for the newest buttons – that was me ^^

  2. You are my inhalation, I possess few blogs and very sporadically run out from brand :). “Fiat justitia et pereat mundus.Let justice be done, though the world perish.” by Ferdinand I.

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