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If you want to receive donations, it’s key that you let your audience know about their options to help. I’m not going into details now as we’ll have a post dedicated to this topic soon, but I’m gonna feature some projects here which I only know because they tweeted about using Flattr:

You can help Orotu, a little dragon to fly and its creators to raise $5000. Orotu Bubble is a Game for iPhone and iPod Touch, and donating to the project you not only get the ‘feeling good’ benefit, but you can also earn perks for your contribution: Orotu Bubble on IndieGoGo

Hearing about ‘independent journalism’ always makes some warmth around the heart and excitement to learn more. Sourcefabric, an open source media organisation has big plans and now it’s possible to help them via Flattr. Look at all the options to support quality journalism.

If you know what GNU is (not the one running on four legs, but on computers), then you will be happy to know that they’re on Flattr.


You know my attraction to posts about announcing Flattr on blogs. Here are a few of them with their own approach:

A short article on the unprofit blog, which claims that Flattr can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Gameboard suggests that there is no way out of using Flattr, as it fits to one-person and bigger projects at the same time.

Flick Filosopher asked her audience if they’re using Flattr, and in spite of all of her concerns, she decided to give it a go. She shouldn’t worry, we can always (virtual) hug our supporters even if they don’t show themselves.

German speaking

For those of you who speak (are) German, here is some entertainment in regards of Flattr:

Tim Krämer held a seminar about micropayments, discussing Flattr and Bitcoin as examples.

Klabautercast asked Michael Grosser from aFlattr about Flattr, Kulturwertmark und Bitcoin, mentioning a bit of the new phenomenon, Google +.

Geldverdienen Scout discusses micropayment options for blogs, detailing Flattr and Kachingle.

Good news

After all, we would like to happily announce that the search option on has been updated (nothing fancy, but way more clever), so from now on hopefully you’ll get more relevant results. Quick, look for some great stuff!

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