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It’s never enough of Flattr users, and to start with, I’ve chosen two posts which will express why people should use Flattr. Oh yes, this is what we want to hear. A lot.

Murray Barnes was already mentioned on FlattrChattr, but now he wants more in his Happir with Flattr post. He also created this image on the left to call to action.

Readux is based in Berlin, blogging about German and French books and events. They write in English, though, so have a look why they think Flattr is part of the Internet utopia they wish for: You and Readux, Forging the Internet Utopia of the Future

By the way images. We have our own Flickr account if you didn’t know. We’ve recently uploaded some Flattr images made by Kevin Macphail. We like creative Flattr pics. We collect them (hint).


Flattr is not only for code monkeys programmers, and we would like to encourage less techy people and content to get on the Flattr board as well. Here is Shed Dweller, who gave up using Flattr because placing the codes here and there was not working for him. He is using the Blogger platform, and now he has the easy way to put buttons all around his website, thanks to Christopher from the Malmö office, who created the Blogger tool.

Serendipity users have their own plugin as well, and you can find a post detailing its features here. And of course, you can find many more on the Flattr site.


I just found a very interesting site. I don’t understand a word of it (without Google anyway), but setting up a whole blog about Flattr is awesome, and hopefully it’ll satisfy the Flattr needs, in Poland. They also have a Facebook account, so there is nothing to stop you know, Polish people.

Of course we have several German posts as well featuring Flattr, and I would like to highlight a few of them on Der Tagesspiegel and on Tobesocial. On Kultur-Flattrate you can find the latest Alexa results with no comment. We’re in the local section, so I would have a comment on Hungary, that suddenly appeared with a good ranking, right after Germany. Go Hungary, go!


You can support Wikileaks via Flattr, and as the news about their intention sueing Visa and Mastercard came up, we appear in a light heroic shape for this.

So these are my selected news for the week, but if you found something interesting, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!

Image from Murray Barnes, thanks!

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