In da (Flattr) house

As we reported last week now you can connect Flattr with SoundCloud, but the train doesn’t stop here (ok, here I drop my ‘in the house’ metaphore, otherwise it would be tragic) and here is the latest Flattr innovation: Flattr teams up with a major broadband provider in Sweden. Yay for Swedes!

There were quite a lot of sites reporting the news; here are a few of  them:

Flattery alone will only get you so far on TechCrunch

SoundCloud + Flattr = Pay What You Want For Music on Techfruit

As I heard, the guys are busy working on SMS payment options and huge performance improvements for the browse pages, so stay tuned!

After all, let’s just say, @rutgervz is right: “Social Micropayment System @flattr making tremendous progress!”

To be even better, we’re looking for a Community Manager with these attributes.

In a few words

Earlier this week we asked you how would you explain Flattr to a friend using only a few words. We got a nice amount of responses, and here I pick a few of them. Choose your favourite to spread the word in an effective way:

@hoeckele @flattr is like your subscribing your favorite magazine, but just the best articles … Where you decide how much you spend.
@diffus Ever wanted to give someone a few bucks for a great article? With flattr you can and more! :)
@fkohl appreciation over tcp/ip ;)
@hendrikmorkel “It is like the austerity package for Greece.” =)

A bit less wordy but definitely call to action:

@icaaq “awesome”
@tobiassjosten “Check it out. Now.”

You can also check out what definitions we got on Facebook.

Working on it

To make donations even more fun, here is an interesting Sim City like project, called Charity City. Currently we are working with Daniel Dalfovo on a smooth integration. He needs your help too, so if you have time and feel enthusiast contact Daniel.

Per and Linus were working on the translations and Swedish is now at 99%. Follow their example and do some work on Crowdin to bring Flattr to the whole world.

Hm, I think that’s a good last (but one) sentence.

Image from Clay Larsen on Flickr