Short News: Golem flattrs their crowd

We’ve been looking forward to this day! Which day is it? Well let me tell you about it; Golem, a big German IT News site, has just implemented Flattr on their site.

They’ve started in a bit different end than most do though. They started by giving their users the ability to flattr each other, by adding their Flattr-ID to their user profile, which will give them a button on all their comments.

The implementation of Flattr is a first step of an experiment, to see if and how it’s used. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Read more about their implementation here.

They also interviewed with Peter at re:publica in 2010, check it out here.

We think this is a great way to give back and award your crowd! Glad to see you guys onboard!

2 thoughts on “Short News: Golem flattrs their crowd

  1. Ah yeh, we know that :)
    We’ve got something with them upcoming, but only so much time and space at the time! ;)
    And they started that before FlattrChattr so it’s not new news :D

    We’ll be talking about them in the future!

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