Music on Flattr: Invisible Sessions

Invisible Sessions, the name says it all. There’s loads of amazing music sessions out there, that for one reason or another becomes invisible and hidden from the rest of the world.

“The purpose of Invisible Sessions, its entire reason for existing, is to give the artists more love and awareness for music they create, as it’s incredibly hard to get your music out there when you’re based in sub-saharan Africa.” 

Invisible Sessions was started as a project to promote these artists. The site allows people to post their live recorded sessions from all over the world.

They also travel around the world to make some of these recordings. Many of the recordings are made in a spontaneous and raw style. The site’s aim is to become a place where people will be able to find diverse forms of music, from all around the world, that they otherwise would not have found.

The donations to the website goes to cover cinematography and transport since they need to get to the artists they film, which sometimes can present a financial issue. Their cinematographer is based out of Cape Town, and that’s why most of the videos in sub-Saharan Africa are shot in and around Cape Town.

As always I was curious of how they had come in contact with Flattr and what they thought Flattr could bring in the long run. The answer was this:

I found out about Flattr through Feminist Frequency – a feminist vlog based in NYC. I wanted to give money to her. I kept seeing “Flattr” buttons for it and finally clicked one. I was so psyched to find something like Flattr that I signed up and contributed to the project immediately. I hope to see Flattr buttons on a lot more projects based out of the US and other countries around the world (right now I see them mostly on European projects). In my wildest dreams, I would hope that Flattr could help make a self-sustaining project – not just a hobby that I turn to at 2 am when I’m done with everything else.

If you’re further interested in Invisible Sessions you can find out more on their homepage and watch their videos on their Vimeo channel.
And of course you can find their flattrable things on their Flattr profile.

Now I’ll leave you with another video from Invisible Sessions: