July is coming to an end. Soon it’s Christmas again, but let’s not think about that now! We’re still smelling the roses, or in this case daises. This is what we’ve gathered this month:

cc-by Per Ola WibergOn blogs
Samat Jain is flattred! Thinking outside of the normal box with PayPal as a donation service, he described why Flattr would be a better fit, and easier to use. [Flattr]

Flick Filosopher asked its readers if there were any Flattr users among them. Looks like there might have been a few! [Flattr]

The Exploration made a quick announcement about integrating Flattr to their site, and gave us a teaser on something else to be announced later in the month, wonder what it might be? [Flattr]

Banym thought it was time to put up some buttons on his blog as well. He usually writes tutorials and information about Mac OSx software, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD among other things. [Flattr]

The Shed Dweller’s Moments got a helping hand with his integration on blogger through this tool. [Flattr]

Dropping give to get seems to have worked for us to win back some love, Joachim Breitner listed what things he’s added to Flattr since. [Flattr]

Random new things:
Misherman’s friends are a jazz group with young musicians. Fresh beats and traditional jazz pieces unite the diverse in their repertoire. Stereotypes and surprises are combined. [Flattr]

Radio Reddit provides you with the ability to upload and listen to independent music. “Songs are chosen by an algorithm which only weighs users’ votes when deciding what gets played and what gets excluded as junk.” Flattr

Want to export your Instagram photos? You can now do so with Instaport, connect to your Instagram account and let the fun begin. [Flattr]

Via Twitter:
Global Voices is an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world. You can learn more about why they do what they do here. [Flattr]

Unni Drougge, Swedish author, joined after being flattred and gave us some Flattr-love straight away. [Flattr]

Instapaper, a tool for saving and reading a page later. Tools like this is great for people who have a lot they want to read but maybe not always the time. It also works between devices. [Flattr]

You can also look back at previous month’s post or check out the archive for July.

As always we welcome you to share with us any content you think should be flattred this month!

Photo by Per Ola Wiberg (cc-by)