New buttons simplify sharing what you like

As some of you have already noticed (thank you for the feedback!), we updated the look of the Flattr buttons last week. They look a bit sleeker and there’s a nice shadow underneath, but there’s more to the buttons than meets the eye. Many of you have told that you’d be very happy to share what you flattr, to keep your friends updated and help your favourite creators to some more Flattr clicks. So we’ve built sharing onto Twitter and Facebook into the button. Flattr something and, voila! handy sharing buttors appear from within the button.

Also, the new buttons adjust to the size of the iframe they’re placed in, so it should be a bit easier to customize how they look. See BrunoB’s tips on this on the forum.

12 thoughts on “New buttons simplify sharing what you like

  1. I don’t know how many users Flattr does have, but even a percent is quite much. And since Opera still supports CSS gradients with only adding the “-o-” to the beginning, I wouldn’t say it costed “hours” of development…

  2. First: The buttons are working correctly – they are designed to be progressively enhanced with the standards supported by the browser and thus they look different in eg. Internet Explorer 8 than they do in Firefox 5.

    That being said – we should add Opera’s vendor prefix to our CSS gradients so that Operas experimental integration of the CSS gradient draft will be recognized. I’ve added it to my todo to fix it.

  3. @Ploum: I do as well – there’s however currently no way for us to help you share stuff on G+ the same way we do for Facebook and Twitter. When they do release such a service we will need to look at where we can find room for it.

  4. Confirm, the buttons now look properly in Opera. Thx. (I’ve liked the old ones more either way. They were more colorful and the Flattr logo was nicely integrated in their look.)

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