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Often we’re using images from Flickr to illustrate our posts. We didn’t plan with it, it just happened to be an appropriate solution for both Marie and me on FlattrChattr. Appropriate because we can find tremendous amount of pictures in countless themes, and more importantly, because of legal issues. We can’t just “steal” an image from The Internet, so it seems easier heading to the collection pot of pics where people can choose their (legal) preferences.

Uploading an image onto Flickr will automatically get the ‘All rights reserved’ licence, but users can change it to any type of the Creative Commons licences. Searching for only the ones you can freely use (with credit to their author) makes it easier to find and use images without violating copyrights. However, many people don’t change the default copyright settings making you think that they aren’t happy with you using their images freely. Fortunately, this is not the case.

Meanwhile behind the scenes

I always search for everything available and pick the best ones that would fit my need. Even if the licence doesn’t let me use an image, I’ll contact the author and ask their (usually retrospective) permission. Sounds nice, but sometimes there is an immediate restriction to do so, and that is the disabled download option. I’m there with my urge to choose an image for my post, I’ve found the best one and I’m very excited, and then I realize it’s not available for download. I could still contact the owner, explain my aim and ask for the image, but since usually I do this one day before the post needs to go live, I don’t have time for that. Then I continue looking to find another best one which I’m allowed to download.

All (but one) of the images that I used so far were shown as being under copyrights, and still all of the guys I asked about using their image happily gave their permission after the post went live. Those who don’t let me download their images don’t get the possibility to be featured on FlattrChattr and their pics be shown to thousands (oh well, our traffic is getting there) of people. It shows that being restrictive with your digital property can ‘protect’ you from being ‘shared’ on the Internet.


Anyway, I think it’s a smart way to do it, where everyone wins. We have awesome images representing our posts and their authors get shown to a big audience. This example can show us, it worth to care about legal preferences, and prefer Creative Commons.

Thanks for all who let us use their images, and who knows, they might find out that Flattr is a good way to receive other kind of appreciation as well…

All of our images on Flickr are under CC, so if you would like to use them, feel free.

Not surprisingly, the image is from Flickr by A. Diez Herrero, with his CC permission

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  1. ok this is my problem with flickr i dont wanna connect it to my facebook or make a yahoo account is there a another site were you can post your pics? except for facebook and and flickr and that you dont need to connect or make a new email ? and are compatible with flattr ?

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