Another week to an end! This has been quite an interesting week, not the least here at the office! We’ve got some nice surprises for you coming soon!

Let’s move on this this weeks news:
One of our top unclaimed twitter accounts was claimed yesterday. Amanda Palmer, that we listed in the earlier post about wishes come true, decided it was time to join us. She’s a singer song-writer and describes herself with words such as blogger, singer, writer and freak. Find her on Flattr here.

Watch out for randomness
Remember The Race for 300k? Their time for collecting funds is up (you can still support them of course). They’ve just shared their lessons learned from this crowdfunding race with the world. Read more about it here.

Last week there was a request on the Elgg forum for a Flattr-plugin. Elgg is an open source social networking engine. You can follow the development here.

Flattr’s getting more and more mentioned in Asian online media, Chinese more specifically. Just in the past few days we’ve come across this one. Previously (when we launched the Flattr-Twitter integration) we were featured in this article, where they used Kevin’s design that he’d done as one of many for us.

Among our users we have a lot of open source lovers, which warms my heart every time, and we also have a lot of open source projects that you can support if you so choose! One of them is Diaspora, and if you think it’s kick-ass with more control over your information you can support this open source social networking site here.

Speaking of kick-ass, you haven’t missed aFlattr have you? We’ve featured it before, but anything that will give you, our amazing user crowd, more money to flattr with is worth showing off again. And it recently had a revamp.

I love that we have such a resourceful community, and I’m looking forward to pulling you all together for some focused efforts to make more great creators join so we can shower them with money!

I want leave you with a smile on your face after you’ve watched this medley by FreddeGredde (yes there’s two of him!). Have a great weekend!

Random picture by zingyyello on flickr.

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