Today we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden, so I’ve prepared a small weekly review for you in advance so no need to get all confused and start to wonder where it’s gone to!

First up, we’ve done some feature updates this week. You can now connect to SoundCloud, and “share” your Flattr button on

BBC’s Click – The world of Technology across the web portraits a nice picture of Flattr in a news segment of theirs. They even caught some of our buskers from SXSW on tape! Watch it here.

Strawberry cake for Midsummer at the Office!

Burma, you say? I fell across this French article featuring the Happy World Documentary. The documentary focuses on the absurd impact the dictatorship in Burma has on the Burmese. They’ve used crowd-sourcing such as Flattr to support the documentary. Read more here.


I mentioned this last week, but I can’t help but doing it again! The FlattrMe Elgg plugin is just flourishing in it’s development and it’s kinda fun to track them on the forum! Sneak peak on them here.

On the same track there’s been a request on the Flash Develop forum. Mainly he’s asking to be able to support FD, but hey maybe they’ll just go nuts and integrate it to forums and the whole shebang! Follow it’s development here.

Sorry guys but I’m going to toot my own horn! I tried out the Flattr Twitter feature we’ve got quite extensively and got some nice results. In this post I’m also sharing who, and why, I got pending hoping they will join Flattr soon enough! Of course I’d love to see more initiatives like this. Read the rest of it here.

Now I wish you all a great Midsummer’s weekend and please come back in one piece on Monday! We’ve got some awesome articles coming up in the coming weeks!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Review: Short but Sweet

  1. I missed that BBC click episode, it’s good to see Flattr getting some mainstream coverage. We need more and more casual web surfers and computer users to get involved and help make Flattr part of our day to day lives. I’ve never seen a Flattr QR Code printed and displayed in Scotland, but the first time I do it will be getting a donation :)

  2. I knew about that Happy World documentary (it’s brilliant!!!) but missed that website with the background information. But where exactly have they used Flattr? Do you have any link? thanks

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