elephantElephant in the room

An article on the Canadian Business website discusses the electronic payment scene. Linus was interviewed and you can find his opinion about innovative solutions in this area: Is PayPal’s monopoly under seige?
We all hope that Flattr can toss that big arse through the door!

João Paulo Pizani Flor discovered Flattr recently, and here is his introduction post where he points out how Flattr can overcome difficulties we have with online donations. The elephant is on its way!

How to say Flattr?

We have a little collection of how people personalize their flattr tweets, and I think this is the way to make it more effective. Kowey started a discussion about this on the Flattr forum. Share your ideas!

Many people are working on translating the Flattr website, but here we have the world famous Flattr video that I could only see in an additional German language. Until now. There is a cool subtitle service where you can make videos consumable for any language. So it has happened that we have it in Esperanto: “Multaj torentetoj iĝas granda rivero”
No-one can stop you now to spread the word in your own launguage! 

About giving

Rikki Kite, the Associate Publisher of LinuxPro Magazine wrote an article based on a Facebook debate. The debate was about Microsoft ads on Linux fields, and magically she heard about Flattr at the right moment. Read about how to support Linux featuring Flattr FOSS.

So we’re just over May, the first month without ‘give to get’, and we have a surprise for you. If you haven’t read it yet, quickly move to the Flattr blog and look what we have for you: Give to get update

Wishing you prosperity in June as well!


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  1. Oh, I totally read the post way too fast! Saw you mentioned us on twitter and then went blind during the paragraph that mentioned “it’s available in Esperanto”.

    Anyways, I’d love to get in touch and see about promoting the video together—feel free to email me at dean at@at pculture.org

    PS. Nice Suzuki… I ride one too! Is that a GS500 or something?

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