New Feature: Connect Flattr to Soundcloud

We’ve recently allowed you to connect to Twitter, now it’s time for SoundCloud. It’s a bit different this time! With this you’ll be able to get Flattr buttons in all of your SoundCloud players!

If you’ve uploaded your amazing music to SoundCloud, and now want them to magically become Flattr things, without having to add every single one of them in turn, it’s now possible!

Through 3 simple steps:
1. Login to your Flattr account and go to Settings
2. Go to Connections and connect to your SoundCloud account
3. Follow the link you get and choose the songs you want to make into Flattr things!

Voila and you’re done! This will not only publish your SoundCloud material on Flattr but it’ll also add Flattr buttons to your musics SoundCloud players no matter where it’s embedded. Great huh?
Don’t forget to tell us about all your amazing songs!

49 thoughts on “New Feature: Connect Flattr to Soundcloud

  1. Something similar would be great for Bambuser. OK, one at a time… Looking forward to more nice surprises!

  2. Uii, nice update :)
    I’m not a musician. So I won’t be able to use the new Soundcloud-Feature for my own music. Because I haven’t made any songs yet ^^
    But it’s great that I can flattr someone else’s songs and it’s even more great to see that Flattr develops and develops :D

    Best regards

  3. Sweet feature, thanks!

    However, it seems odd to me that the Flattr “button” is a “buy this track” button when the track I connected to is not “buyable”. Is it not possible to add an actual Flattr button to the soundcloud page/player?

  4. So I can’t just flattr every Soundcloud user just by connecting and it is them who have to connect to flattr first? I liked the flattr everyone way you had with twitter better.

  5. + 1 to Mike , a “buy” link doesn’t have the same impact as a “flattr” link, One month passed, the soundcloud team doesn’t seem to work too fast on this fix…

  6. Hi!

    Great stuff! Is there a limit to the number of tracks that can be added? I have about 180 tracks on SC and I cannot seem to add the flatter link to any more of my tracks… You can check my ‘things’ at bivouacrecording. Thanks for your help.

  7. Terence: The limit ought to be 500 tracks.
    Each time you add a new track you want to connect to flattr you have to go to the “connections->Soundcloud” setting again and submit the song there.
    Have your tried that? Is it stil not working?

  8. many month are gone, and there´s still no default flattr button in the app. untill now there is a Buy one

  9. there is (still?) something buggy or non-intuitive about the
    Settings –> Connections –> submit soundcloud tracks

    it seems to be all-or-nothing — no way submit some but not all tracks?


  10. Agreed on the points above — Flattr / Soundcloud interoperation seems pretty half-baked. In my case I only wanted to connect specific Soundcloud-hosted tracks with Flattr, excluding others. To do so I had to connect all of them, then delete the ones I wanted to exclude. Final result: there’s no obvious Flattr connection on the Soundcloud pages I did include. If Flattr’s Soundcloud connection takes the form of a “Buy this track” link (as others have mentioned in earlier comments), then perhaps the Flattr connection in my case was obscured because “Buy this track” links already existed. The fact that it’s been over a year since the initial Soundcloud announcement doesn’t give me much confidence; but will give Flattr the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

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