Summer at full speed ahead. Hope you’re all enjoying the sun, heat, ice cream and bathing!
As usual we’ve collection new stuff on Flattr for these last days. In the past it’s been very focused on accounts that have been writing about joining on their blog. Let’s try and find some other stuff this month.

by Kyle Simourd

I came across Kristoffer Darj‘s personal blog, where he writes about web, design, programming, among other things and also posts pictures. Deciding it was time to try Flattr out he signed up. Great for him and us! [Flattr]

A bit different way to do things is to set up a mind map for a game that you want to develop. Then sit back and wait for it to be flattred by people who like the idea. Hoping it will bring enough support so that you can afford developing it. [Flattr]

Great thing about Twitter is that you can fall over some amazing people doing some amazing stuff. When they say you can flattr them it’s even better!

Justin Dart is an example. He’s already on the go with QR codes for his art, hopefully soon we’ll see a few more but for flattring it! [Flattr]

The request for lining up something other than English stuff was delivered last time, and we’re doing the best we can! I stumbled across this “Manifesto for freedom of artistic creation in a free Internet“, or as the original title says: “Manifesto pour une cr√©ation artistique libre dans un Internet libre”, but hey either way works fine for me, we’re all for freedom and internetz! Recommendations via tweets are awesome. Enough¬†said. [Flattr]

Via Twitter:
There’s been a lot of people who’ve come in via Twitter over the past month. Which is great! Let’s mention a few:

David Cuartielles, co-Founder of Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Isn’t that great? His personal blog is mainly in Spanish. [Flattr]

FreeBSD with one of the cutest little mascots (the adorable devil) joined after one of our team members flattred them. Damn was he proud. What is FreeBSD? It’s an advanced operating system for modern server, desktop, and embedded computer platforms. [Flattr]

You haven’t missed that Creative Commons joined this past month, have you? We’ve got a nice feature upcoming with these guys in the next month. [Flattr]

Softsign is an app to help you sign PDF documents with your finger on your iPhone & iPad. “Save money, time and the planet.” [Flattr]

There’s always going to be stuff we don’t manage to pick up on! But that’s where you come in, fill our comment field with suggestions of new, old and awesome stuff to flattr these last days of June!

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