This information is old and not valid. The Flattr button has been deprecated.

Most of you here on FlattrChattr are probably seasoned Flattr users already. But we would like to help our brand new and future users as well, so we’ll start a ‘How to’ series about all things Flattr.

The inaugural post is about our most visible asset, the Flattr button. Adding buttons onto sites is not always as easy as it could be, so here is a guideline how to submit a Thing and what you need to do to get that orange-green tipjar onto your website.

Let’s get started

First, sign in to Flattr and click ‘Submit Thing’ from the top menu. Add the link to your Thing and make it easier to discover by specifying a header, category, tags, languages and a brief description. You are then ready to put those buttons onto your site.

Click on ‘Button code’ after you added a Thing

Flattr button typesYou will be shown the different code types you can choose from. Choose between a Large or Compact counter for a button with the amount of flattrs you’ve gotten. There is also a light Static button, which simply tells what to do: Flattr this!

Whichever button you choose, you will get two sets of button code displayed. Add the first piece of code between <head> and </head> in your html code, and the second one to the actual place where you want the button to be displayed on your site.

If you’re using a blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr, or would like to put a button at the end of each post, there are several ways to have buttons appear automatically. Choose the right tool for you: Flattr tools and guides to make it easier »

If you go offline

You’re right, there is one more button there to tell you about! If you choose the QR Code option, you immediately get a personalized Flattr poster with a QR code for your Thing. Click ‘Get QR code PDF’, and print the code to use almost anywhere, for example on your shop window or T-shirt.
If you would like to learn more about this Offline function, head to this article about it: Once upon a time, Flattr went offline »

What other topics you think we should cover to help newbies with their first Flattr steps?

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  1. Couldn’t find the submit thing option in the top menu, or almost anywhere else. It’s now accessible through “Get button”, but it was a little confusing. This document is a little outdated, but comes up high in searches for how to add a thing.


  2. I keep trying to install the flattr button on my blog but it doesnt work with the dynamic layouts, I think. Is that correct? Can anyone help me out?

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