We celebrate kindness, no fee for May!

As some of you remember, we removed the need to add money to your account to be able to use Flattr a month ago. And I’m sure some of you are wondering how this has worked out for us. In a nutshell: It’s worked out well.

We knew people would still keep adding money to their accounts even if this wasn’t mandatory anymore, but we were prepared for a slight dip in people funding their accounts. The good news is that there was no dip; people kept adding money to their accounts as if we hadn’t changed anything. This, combined with a healthy number of new people on Flattr, should result in more content to flattr and more flattrs for everyone involved – All around awesome.

One thing that’s important to point out is that despite this change we’re still big believers in the Give to get idea. Giving before you get is not just a way to make friends and pay small favours, it’s a manifestation of what you believe in. We believe that social micropayments will change how creators get paid online and we’ll keep on giving our full attention to it. As a one-off gesture in support of that, we’d also like to give something to you and the whole Flattr community. Namely, we’re not charging our service fee for the month of May, so don’t be surprised if your earnings last month were a bit higher than usual. And if they were significantly higher then, well, it seems there are other people out there that also believe in Give to get ;)

8 thoughts on “We celebrate kindness, no fee for May!

  1. Even though I haven’t got any flattr clicks on my things in may (my first month here), I keep on clicking other ppls things. I just want to support my favorite projects.

  2. Probably some people added means for multiple months in advance so that they won’t bother with it everytime, like I did. Also, there’s no way to take switch from means to revenue it seems.
    I hope in a few months we won’t see a huge decrease in donations everywhere. So far I got more and more clicks but less and less revenue.

  3. Probably not the best place to ask, but which font is used in your logo?
    I love it!

  4. You mean in spite of what I’ve read in (what must’ve been dated) posts, I can now get a Flattr account for free AND had I done so last month, I could’ve supported projects I like for free?

  5. NVM the second part, I get that it was for the 10% charge now. I might be getting funds anyway soon thanks to aFlatter (aflattr.com)! I suggest anyone reading this do the same if you shop at Amazon.

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