Medicine for the world“To receive lifesaving assistance that is impartial, neutral, and free from political or religious agendas.”

Doctors Without Boarders is one of the charities you can support via Flattr. We would like to give you a closer look into this organization as part of our charity series.


Doctors Without Borders was founded in France by doctors and journalists in 1971. You can usually see them referred to as MSF, which comes from the French name, Médecins Sans Frontières.

MSF is committed to bring quality medical care to people in crises. It’s a neutral organization, independent from politics, military issues or religion.

Their activities

Looking at the map of MSF’s presence around the globe can make us feel happy that so many people in need are in good hands. However, it can also be depressing that in fact, so many people are in need.  With the aim to save lives and ease the suffering of people in acute crisis, these are the areas where the Doctors take action:

– In armed conflicts to help injured people or the ones cut off from medical care. In 2009 and 2010 they provided surgical care in almost two dozen countries.
– MSF brings the highest quality medical care in case of epidemics as well. In 1999 they have co-founded an initiative for developing medicines focusing on need rather than profit.
– There are around 195 million malnourished children worldwide, and MSF fights against malnutrition with a revolutionary product, called ready-to use therapeutic food.
– In many cases they play a significant role in case of natural disasters, when the health stucture can be destroyed in no time.
– When certain groups of people – refugees, minorities, prisoners – are excluded from the health care system, MSF tries to bridge the gap in services and call on the governments.
– MSF constantly incorporates research advances and innovations into its practices.
– Next to taking action, MSF is ready to speak out publicly to highlight a given issue if the need arises.
– Closing a project when an area reaches relative stability makes it possible to allocate resources to the next emergency response.

To read about what Doctors Without Borders achieved year by year, visit their timeline from the beginning up until 2011. To be more up to date, you can listen to their weekly podcast about MSF projects.

What you can do

There are always many ways to help a charity. Visit MSF’s donation site to see all the options to support their work with money. To make the giving experience even better, you can find a detailed list what your money can provide. $35 is enough to feed 200 children twice a day, but if you can help to feed only one of them, flattring is a good way to do so.

If you have more to do with this cause, you can check what positions are available.